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For builders 

Strata building bond and inspections scheme 

The builder or principal contractor of a strata building project commences building work once a construction certificate is issued.

Online portal for strata building bond and inspections

The developer must provide the builder’s details, including an email address, when they lodge the building bond in the Strata building bond and inspection scheme online portal (SBBIS Online Portal). The online portal will send the builder notifications for the interim and final report to the email address provided by the developer, so the builder should make sure the address is correct.

The builder does not need to create a full account in the online portal. The builder may search the online portal for all the projects they are involved with. The builder may confirm or dispute their involvement with projects they have been connected to by the developer. The builder can also check the progress of the Strata building bond and inspection scheme, so they can plan for any rectification of defective building work required after the interim report is issued for all projects they are involved in.

Strata scheme interim inspection and report

Once appointed by either the developer or the Building Bond Secretary, a strata building inspector will do an interim inspection and upload a report to the online portal between 15 and 18 months after an occupation certificate has been issued.

The builder will be notified that the report is available on the SBBIS Online Portal.

The builder must rectify any defective building work identified in the interim report.

Rectifying defective building work

After the interim report is lodged, any defective building work must be rectified by the builder before the final inspection is carried out. This period may change, but is in the 18 and 21 month period after the occupation certificate is issued.

The builder must give at least 14 days written notice to the owners corporation, the developer, the owner and any occupant of any affected lot of their intention to enter any part of the strata lot for an inspection or to rectify defective building work.

After providing proper notice, the builder may enter the lot only at a time that is reasonable, or at a time agreed with the owner or occupant of the lot.

A person must not unreasonably refuse a builder access to any part of the strata scheme if the builder has given proper notice.

Tribunal orders - access to the strata scheme

The developer, owners corporation, building inspector or builder of this building work can apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an order requiring the occupier of a strata scheme lot or any other person to allow access to the lot or any other part of the building for the purpose of rectifying defective building work.