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School projects links and contacts 

To assist you with your school work, projects or research, on consumer, youth and other related issues, listed below are links to web sites that may be useful to you. Happy surfing!

 Money Stuff logo and link to website

Money Stuff, NSW Fair Trading's multi-award-winning educational resource for teachers and students.  More information at

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent statutory authority that administers the Trade Practices Act and the Prices Surveillance Act. You can go to their website at The ACCC is now also responsible for Consumers Online, a one-stop-shop of consumer information in Australia.
  • Board of Studies NSW has educational resources for teachers and students at
  • IPAustralia is responsible for granting rights in patents, trademarks and designs in Australia. Further information is available at
  • National Consumer website is the official site of the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs. Their website is at
  • National Youth Week is a collaboration of government departments, run for young people, by young people. Further information is available at
  • Net Alert is a website created by an independent body, Net Alert Ltd, which was established by the Federal Government to advise the community on safe use of the Internet. Go to their website at
  • NSW Commission for children and young people at
  • United Nations official website is at:  
  • Youth Australia, a portal to information for young Australians.  Further information available at
  • Youth NSW has information on the law, the environment, money issues, entertainment and a whole lot more. Take a look at
  •  is a website dedicated to young people with practical information to help get a head start on finding a job, their rights, responsibilities and entitlements when employed and tips on what to do when leaving their employment or if sacked by the employer.