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School projects 

Animated gif graphic that says 'Welcome to Fair Trading'

Title graphic: 'School projects'

Welcome to the school projects pages!

The information on these pages is designed to help secondary school students and their teachers learn more about consumer issues and the role of NSW Fair Trading in New South Wales.

On other parts of our site you can find out what Fair Trading does and what legislation we administer. You can also learn about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer, how to register a business, where to get information about safe products, and more.

On these pages you can find:

A brief history of consumer protection in NSW from early colonial days to the present

School projects links and contacts  - including Money Stuff, a multi-award-winning educational resource for teachers and students.

You will also find other pages that may be useful for projects:

Fair Trading and you - how the work of NSW Fair Trading affects your everyday life, often without you knowing it

A student’s guide to consumer rights

If there is other information you would like us to add to these pages, or if you would like to contact us with your feedback, Fair Trading's email address is

Good luck with your projects!

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