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Standard fact sheet.
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Booking an inspection 

Information for plumbers and drainers


IMPORTANT - The arrangements outlined below apply to Sydney, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and the Newcastle area.

How to book

To book an audit inspection call Fair Trading’s Plumbing Inspection and Assurance Services (PIAS) booking line on 1300 889 099, 8am – 2pm Monday to Friday.

Operating hours

Inspection hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

An after hours inspection can be arranged at an additional fee. 

The booking team will endeavour to arrange an inspection time and date that is suitable to your job requirements.

Next day bookings are subject to availability. Same day inspections are not available.

Plumbers and drainers are required to pay inspection fees before making a booking. For more information go to the Plumbing and drainage inspection fees page.

Information required when booking an audit inspection

Please have the following information ready when you book an inspection:

  • Proof of inspection payment, MyInspections receipt number
  • Your plumber’s licence number and contact details (not company details) 
  • The address of the job site including the lot number and street number
  • Site specific information to assist the inspector, including the type of building, the meeting point on a large site, site induction requirements, or time constraints related to road opening, etc
  • The site contact name and phone number (if an agreed representative will attend the site on your behalf)
  • The details of the inspection being requested, for example drainage work, recycled water work, an unattended final audit inspection or re-inspection of non-compliant work.

Unattended final inspections

You must notify Fair Trading of the day the work will be complete and ready for a final audit inspection. Fair Trading may then carry out an audit audit inspection at any time during business hours on that day.

For more information go to the Unattended final inspection page.

What if I need to cancel an inspection?

To cancel an inspection, please call PIAS on 1300 889 099 between 8am and 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Outside of these hours, send a text message to 0400 773 541 (please do not use this number for any other purpose or at any other time). If you cancel by text message, you must provide a valid reference number and the site address details in your message. You will receive a confirmation text message the next business day.

A valid reference number is:

  • the initial reference number used to book your inspection
  • the inspection ID given to you when you booked your inspection.

If your work is selected for an inspection

If your work is selected for an inspection, a Fair Trading inspector will arrive on site at the time booked. You must:

  • meet the inspector on-site or ensure a technically qualified representative is present (this does not apply for an unattended final audit inspection)
  • make sure the Notice of Work (NoW) has been supplied
  • have all work uncovered and under test (where required) at the time of the audit inspection
  • provide all relevant paper work (where required) at the time of the audit inspection eg. Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) and Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

If your work is not selected for an inspection

If an inspector does not arrive at the site within 30 minutes after the booked time, or if they do not notify you of their delay, you can assume the job has not been selected for an audit inspection.

You can now continue work on the job or backfill the trenches.

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