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Applying for a Notice of Work 

Information for plumbers and drainers


IMPORTANT - The arrangements outlined below apply to Sydney, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and the Newcastle area.

By law, plumbers and drainers must submit a Notice of Work (NoW) before starting all plumbing and drainage work, except in some specified circumstances. For instance, the legislation exempts emergency work and 'minor works', that is replacing tap ware and existing hot water systems, and bathroom renovations where the location of fixtures has not changed.

A NoW is an approved form that specifies the work to be carried out by the responsible person for that work. If you work in the Sydney, Illawarra, Blue Mountains and Newcastle areas, the NoW can be completed and submitted through the MyInspections website provided the audit inspection fee was paid through MyInspections.

If the audit inspection fee was paid via a Quick Check agent, the licensee must continue to use the Combined Notice of Work and Certificate of Compliance (PDF size: 368kb), which will remain available on the Fair Trading website and can be submitted by email to or in person to the inspector on site.

Change of licensee details

You must notify Fair Trading if the onsite licensee changes.

You are required to inform Fair Trading of a change of licensee details for work to be carried out on the existing site. Where a licensee takes over work both licensees must make sure their NoW and CoC accurately describe the work they have done, or are about to do.

The original licensee will need to arrange for a final audit inspection to complete their work. They will also need to supply an updated NoW, Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) and CoC that accurately describes the work completed to date.

The new licensee must ensure the required fee is paid and a NoW submitted that accurately describes the work they will be responsible for. 

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