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Building industry essentials 

Reforms to home building laws

New home building laws commenced on 15 January 2015. Further amendments will start on 1 March 2015. For more information, go to the Major changes to home building laws page.

This section provides information for building industry licensees about the key responsibilities of operating as a builder or tradesperson in the NSW residential building industry. The following pages provide information on:

For information about running a building or trade business, including business names, marketing and selling, go to the Businesses section of the Fair Trading website.

New rules for home building employers

Did you know that there have been changes to workers' allowances in the home building industry? NSW Industrial Relations can help you get up to speed with the changes.

For more information refer to the Home building industry page of the NSW Industrial Relations website

NSW Building Professionals Board

The NSW Building Professionals Board works to improve the quality of building construction and subdivision in NSW by regulating and educating building and subdivision certifiers.

The Board has produced a number of factsheets to help builders understand their responsibilities in relation to the certification process.

For more information, visit the Building Professionals Board website at, call them on 9860 1800, or email at