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Keeping you up to date 

CPD for builders and pool builders

Since 1 January 2008, any CPD activity undertaken by builders and pool builders must be relevant to one of the 8 CPD topic areas listed below. In the right hand column is a list of possible subjects. This is not an exhaustive list. They are just examples of what you might like to learn about.

Topic area Possible subjects
Technical issues Ceramic tiling code
Pebble creting
Strip timber flooring
Sealing of timber doors
Aspects of multi-storey construction
Masonry code
Sustainability BASIX
Waste management
Green building
Water management
Accessible buildings
Compliance Applying the building code of Australia
The Home Building Act
Home warranty insurance obligations
Communication Customer service
Mediation and negotiation
Quality of advice
Concepts of fairness and reasonableness
Dispute resolution Avoiding misrepresentation
True and false representations
Contracts Contract terms
Safety Asbestos removal
Other hazardous materials
Working on roofs
Business management Computer skills
Project management & supervision
Running a business
Time management