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Examples of earning points 

CPD for builders and pool builders

Builders and pool builders are required to earn 12 CPD points a year.

Jim's CPD

Jim is a builder with his own small business. He is busy and needs to be efficient in using his time for CPD. He monitors the training programs run by his industry association which enables him to plan his CPD activities well in advance.

CPD topic area / activity


Compliance / 12828SA Building Code of Australia Application unit - 6 hours 12
Total points 12

Bill's CPD

Bill is a pool builder in a rural area. He is alert to his safety needs and schedules his time so that he can attend a trade show focussing on energy conservation techniques run by the local building supplies store as well as undertake a range of other relevant learning. Bill’s business partner is his wife Joy who undertakes an on-line course about the Building Code of Australia as this is a need which they have identified would support the business.

CPD learning area / activity


Technical / Sustainability/ Online course coping tiles to limit – 3.5 hours 3.5
Compliance / Online course – 2 hours (by partner) 2
Sustainability / Trade show – 2.5 hours 2.5
Safety / Test and tag course – 4 hours 4
Total points 12

Renata's CPD

Renata is also in her own business as a sole trader. She lives in a small country town and is very concerned about water shortages and the environment generally.

CPD topic area / activity


Sustainability / BASIX course – 4 hours 4
Dispute resolution / Contracts / Compliance / Online course – 6 hours over a year  6
Sustainability  / Trade seminar – 2 hours 2
Total points 12

Yuri's CPD

Yuri also lives in a small country town which has one registered training organisation, a TAFE college. He’s not sure what courses are offered. He visits the TAFE at the beginning of the year and finds out about business courses. With help from TAFE, Yuri identifies a selection of units which comply with the CPD requirements and he schedules his work to fit this learning in (would be business, customer or environmentally related.)  Yuri’s associate looks after the business admin and with planning, Yuri arranges for his associate to undertake CPD as well and together, they fulfil Yuri’s annual CPD requirements.

Year 1

CPD learning area / activity


Communication / Assessed learning – 5 hours 10
Business Management/ Project management and training on new software to support contract administration (Associate's learning, 8 hours, points to be counted is the maximum of 4 per year) 4
Total points 14

Year 2

Points carried forward from year 1


Technical issues / Aspects of building in a dry climate – Online course and trade show – 7 hours 7
Business management/ Prepare a quotation (Associate's learning, 6 hours, points to be counted is maximum 4 per year) 4
Total points 13