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Retirement Village Calculator 

Understanding the financial cost of retirement village living

Moving into a retirement village is not only a lifestyle choice, but an important financial consideration. NSW Fair Trading has developed the Retirement Village Calculator to help you work out the estimated costs of retirement village living.

There are two calculators that you can use depending on your situation. Each calculator provides you with a cost estimate of the entry fees, ongoing fees, and exit fees. Understanding these fees can help you work out if a particular village is right for you and your budget.

If you are considering moving into a retirement village and you have basic information like your budget and the area you would like to live in, you should use the basic calculator.  

If you already know which village you are interested in and you have received a copy of the standard fees and charges in the disclosure statement, you can completed the detailed calculator. You usually receive a disclosure statement before you receive a contract when you have found a unit you are interested in.

To learn more and to use the calculator visit the Retirement Village Calculator website.

If you would like to learn more about moving into a retirement village go to the Moving into a village section on the Fair Trading website.