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Standard fact sheet.
Large print fact sheet.

Security, safety and emergency access  

The operator of a retirement village must ensure that the village generally is reasonably secure. This includes ensuring that all residential premises have working locks or other security devices sufficient to make the premises reasonably secure. This does not apply to strata and community scheme premises, where the owners are responsible.

Village operators are required to:

  • prepare written safety and emergency procedures, and
  • take reasonable steps to ensure that residents and staff are familiar with the procedures.

Annual safety inspection 

Operators are required to conduct a safety inspection each year and prepare a report on the findings. The operator must provide a copy of the report to the residents committee, if there is one, and place a copy of the report on the notice board in a communal area within the retirement village.

The operator must also provide any resident with a copy of the safety inspection report within seven days of a request being made by that resident.

Access by emergency and care services 

The operator must take all reasonable steps to ensure that emergency and home care service providers’ vehicles can access the residential premises in the village at all times.