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Standard fact sheet.
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Annual management meetings 

The village operator must hold an annual management meeting with the residents within 4 months after the end of each financial year for the village.

Residents must be:

  • notified of the meeting at least 14 days in advance, and 
  • given a copy of the meeting agenda.

A resident can lodge written questions with the operator at least 7 days before the meeting or ask questions about the management of the village at the meeting.

What items must be included in the meeting agenda? 

The Retirement Villages Regulation lists items which must be included on the meeting agenda. These are:

  • a report on any major variations between items in the previous year’s budget expenditure
  • future plans for the village, including any proposed improvements
  • management of the village, including any proposed change to management arrangements
  • safety issues
  • any proposed maintenance plans
  • any changes to the proposed annual budget that do not require the residents’ consent
  • any proposals to undertake capital works that were not in the annual budget
  • any proposed changes to the services provided to residents, and
  • time for residents’ questions about the management and operation of the village.

The operator does not have to answer questions about:

  • their personal affairs, or those of their employees or contractors
  • a matter that is not related to the operation of the village
  • matters relating to individual sales or contracts unless they are already public information.

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Other meetings 

If you own premises in a strata or community scheme retirement village you will also be invited to attend meetings of the owners corporation or community association. You can also stand for election to the scheme’s executive committee. These are separate meetings and committees under separate laws – they are not covered by the retirement village laws.

See the Strata and community scheme villages section on the NSW Fair Trading website for more information.


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