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Inquiry into NSW retirement villages 

As part of its four-point plan to improve retirement village living, the NSW Government has commissioned Kathryn Greiner AO to lead an inquiry into the NSW retirement village sector.

The inquiry will review the protections offered to residents, and ensure that Fair Trading has the necessary powers to make sure retirement village operators are complying with the law.

The investigation will look at concerns raised about the fairness and transparency of business practices of retirement villages in NSW, and includes:

  • transparency and honesty of marketing activities
  • clarity of fees and contractual rights and obligations for prospective residents and their families
  • suitability and fairness of village maintenance and operational practices to maintain resident safety
  • availability and cost-effectiveness of dispute resolution mechanisms
  • fairness of arrangements to levy maintenance fees to maintain the village and address building defects.

The inquiry will also look at opportunities to improve Fair Trading’s administrative and operational practices that could help address unfair practices in the sector.

Download the formal Terms of Reference for the inquiry (PDF size: 161kb).

Read more about Kathryn Greiner AO (PDF size: 40kb).

The final report and recommendations from the inquiry are due to be completed by 15 December 2017.

Submissions and public consultation

Community forums

The inquiry seeks the views of current and former residents, their families and advisors, on the issues raised in the Terms of Reference (PDF size: 161kb).

Residents and members of the community are invited to attend a consultation forum to discuss their concerns at locations across the State. Forums will be held in Sydney, Hornsby, Ballina, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Wagga Wagga during October 2017. 

Register for your free seat to a community forum here.

If you are unable to attend a public forum, you can still make a submission by using the online submission form or written submission to the address listed below.

Industry consultation

Operators and managers are invited to make submissions using the options below. The inquiry will also be consulting directly with industry representatives. If you’d like more information about industry consultation, please contact the Secretariat at

Online submission form

To make it easier for us to get your views on retirement villages in NSW, we have provided an electronic submission form. The submission form has been designed to cover the inquiry’s Terms of Reference (PDF size: 161kb) in an easy to use format.

The submission form will take around 30 minutes to complete The questions are optional, you may answer as many or as few questions that you wish.

Please note that if you exit the form before completion, you will not be able to return to the page and will need to start again. This form does not allow for the uploading of attachments.

Topics covered in the submission form:

  • Marketing and advertising activities in the retirement village sector
  • Costs, contracts, rights and responsibilities
  • Funding for village maintenance and upgrades
  • Safety and security of retirement villages
  • Resolving disputes
  • Honest, fair and diligent operation of retirement villages
  • Opportunities for improvement and what is working well in the retirement villages sector
  • Any further comments from you.

Make an online submission to the NSW Inquiry into Retirement Villages.

Other ways to make a submission

If you would like to make a written submission as part of the inquiry, you can request a printed version of the submission form by contacting Fair Trading on 02 9895 0297 or you can send your submission by email or post.

email to:, or
post to:

Retirement Villages Inquiry
Better Regulation Division,
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
McKell Building, 2-24 Rawson Place

Please note that emailed or posted submissions need to be received by the Inquiry by 31 October to be considered.

Privacy and personal information

The information you provide as part of this submission will include personal information. NSW Fair Trading complies with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, which regulates the collection, storage, access, amendment, use and disclosure of personal information. See the Fair Trading privacy webpage for more information. Fair Trading may in some circumstances be required by law to disclose your submission, including personal information to third parties. 

Your submission, in part or in whole, may be made publicly available on our website or in in reports, or other documents produced by the Inquiry. Please tell us if you do not wish for your submission to be made public.


If you have a specific concern that potentially involves breach of legal obligations your complaint will be referred to Fair Trading or other authorities for investigation as appropriate. Lodge a complaint here.

Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can access PDF versions of our information.