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Education for new operators 

New operators must now complete mandatory education.

Which operators are covered by this education requirement? 

All new operators after 1 November 2015 are required to complete the mandatory education briefing. This requirement will not apply to operators in existence before 1 November 2015, including when they buy or take over another community or develop a new community.

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When must the education briefing be completed? 

The education briefing must be completed within 30 days of the details of the new operator being recorded in the register of communities administered by NSW Fair Trading. If there is a change of operator, notice of this change must be submitted to Fair Trading within 30 days of the change. Download or read the Change in registered details form, available on the Forms page of the Fair Trading website.

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How do I complete the education briefing? 

You have two options to complete the mandatory education briefing:

  1. read through all of the information contained in the land lease community operator pages on the Fair Trading website; or
  2. attend an information session or seminar on the laws given by Fair Trading or the Land Lease Living Industry Association (subject to there being a session scheduled within the timeframe at which you can attend).

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What do I do once I have completed the education briefing? 

You must advise NSW Fair Trading in writing within 7 days of attending an information session or reading through all of the website pages. Download the Completion of mandatory education briefing for new operators form, available on the Forms page of the Fair Trading website.

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