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Deck and balcony safety 

Unsafe balconies and decks have been involved in a number of recent accidents and deaths in NSW and other States.

Balconies, decks, balustrades and railings must be built to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards. 

Balconies and decks must be regularly inspected and maintained. They must be able to take the pressures typically placed on them.

Under NSW tenancy laws, landlords must provide and maintain rented premises in a reasonable state of repair. When a tenancy starts, faults or damage should be noted on the condition report that is completed and signed by both parties.

Read our Deck and balcony safety guide (PDF size: 385kb) to guide you in maintaining your deck or balcony so it stays safe to enjoy.

Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can access PDF versions of our information.