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Buying property links and contacts 

NSW Fair Trading

Fair Trading Centres
Tel: 13 32 20

Property Services Licence check
You should always check that the agent, salesperson or manager you wish to deal with holds a current licence or certificate of registration appropriate to the type of work which is being done.

The Licence Check allows you to do a licence or certificate of registration check online. You should always do a check before dealing with an agent, on-site residential property manager, salesperson or registered manager.

Buying a home
Tel: 13 32 20

Tenancy information
Tel: 13 32 20

Rental bond enquiries
Tel: 13 32 20

Retirement villages 
Tel: 13 32 20

Property Services Licences
Tel: 9619 8799

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Tel: 1300 006 228

Other services

Home Purchase Advisory Service
Tel: 1300 468 746

Australian Institute of Conveyancers
Tel: 9633 1355

The Law Society of NSW
Tel: 9926 0333

Credit and Debt Hotline
Tel: 1800 808 488

Financial Counsellors Association of NSW
Tel: 1300 914 408

Do-it-yourself conveyancing kits are available from:

Law Consumers’ Association
Tel: 9564 6933

Australian Property Law Kits
Tel: 1800 252 808