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Continuing Professional DevelopmentĀ 

For licence and certificate holders

Renewal of a licence or certificate of registration under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 is conditional on licence and certificate holders undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year. 

In late 2006, an independent evaluation of the CPD program operating in the NSW property services industry recommended change. This came into effect on 1 January 2008. Licence and certificate holders still undertake CPD by doing courses or learning activities that are delivered by training providers and industry experts. Multiple licence and certificate holders only need to complete 12 points of CPD activity a year, regardless of the number of licences held.

The features of the CPD program are explained on the following pages. Alternatively, view or download a copy of the Director-Generals Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development for licence and certificate holders under the Property Stock and Business Agents Act.

Diverse learning options -

The 15 CPD topics offer a choice of relevant and useful subject areas so you can learn what you need.

Points for learning -

CPD activities earn you either 1 or 3 points per hour. You must undertake activities related to at least one of the 15 CPD topics to make up 12 points a year.

Eligible activities -

Any CPD activity undertaken must be of significant intellectual or practical content, be relevant to property agency work and provide an educational outcome.

Record keeping -

You are not required to send your CPD records to Fair Trading but you must keep records of your CPD activities.

Examples of earning points -

There are many ways to meet your CPD requirements.

CPD contacts -

Contact details for information about where and when CPD activities are being offered in your area.

Frequently asked questions -

Answers to your questions about CPD.

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