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Standard fact sheet.
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Mutual recognition 

The Co-operatives National Law (the CNL) replaces the system of multiple state registrations with mutual recognition provisions to enable cross-border trading by co-operatives.

What must a participating co-operative do? 

A participating co-operative is automatically authorised to carry on business in any participating jurisdiction. It is not required to apply for registration to enable it to carry on business in the participating state or territory.

A participating co-operative is authorised to carry on business in a participating jurisdiction as long as it remains registered in its jurisdiction of origin i.e. the state or territory in which it is registered.

A participating co-operative’s authority may be withdrawn in a participating jurisdiction if it breaches provisions of the CNL that apply to it in that participating jurisdiction.

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Name of participating co-operative 

A participating co-operative carrying on business in NSW must do so under a name that is not likely to be confused with the name of an existing body corporate or a registered business name.

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Name and place of origin 

A participating co-operative must ensure that its name and jurisdiction of registration appears on all seals, business documents, notices, advertising and official publications. 

A participating co-operative that maintains a place of business or acts through an agent in NSW must also, where relevant, include in legible characters in all its business documents:

  • a statement that it maintains a place of business in NSW and specify the location of the business
  • where acting through an agent in NSW, a statement that specifies the name and contact details of the local agent.

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Reporting requirements 

A participating co-operative must lodge its annual return with its original jurisdiction.

A NSW co-operative carrying on business in another state or territory may decide where to keep its financial records.

If financial records are kept outside of NSW, the co-operative must ensure that sufficient information concerning those records are kept in NSW and the Registrar is advised of the location of those records.

A participating co-operative may be required to produce documents relating to the co-operative to the Registrar of the state or territory where it is carrying on business.     

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Further information 

For further information please contact:

Registry Services
PO Box 22
Bathurst NSW 2795
Telephone: 6333 1400
Freecall: 1800 502 042

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