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Co-operatives research 

From time to time NSW Fair Trading gathers data, information and facts concerning co-operatives. We also receive information from a number of sources that could be of interest to the co-operative sector.

This information can be presented in a variety of forms and made available to interested parties.

Below are some reports that have been prepared by NSW Fair Trading for the co-operative sector.

Co-operatives snapshot report 2007-2010 

This report provides a snapshot of the co-operatives sector in NSW for 2007 to 2010.

View the Co-operative snapshot report 2007-2010 in PDF format (size: 306kb).

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Components of successful co-operatives 2005-2009 

This report provides an analysis of co-operatives registered in NSW over a 5-year period and considers the shared identified characteristics in the co-operatives exhibiting a level of success.

View the report - Components of successful co-operatives in PDF format (size: 461kb).

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State of the sector: New South Wales co-operatives 2006 

This report provides an overview of the co-operative sector for the 2005-2006 financial year.

View the State of the sector report (size: 98kb), Annexure 1 (size: 28kb) and Annexures 2-4 (size: 103kb) in PDF format.

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Co-operative capital units 

This paper describes co-operative capital units (CCU) and the practical consequences in issuing CCUs.

View the Co-operative capital units paper in PDF format (size: 48kb).

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