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Toppling furniture and televisions 

Anchor it and save a child 

Tragically, up to two children die every year from furniture or TVs toppling over.

Toppling furniture and TVs also cause hundreds of serious injuries each year. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Making sure your home is safe for children could prevent a serious accident.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

You can take steps to prevent unstable furniture and TVs from toppling over and crushing a child. Secure furniture and TVs using furniture straps, angle braces or anchors screwed into walls.

More information, including safety tips is available on the ACCC product safety website.

If you’re renting a home, talk to your landlord or agent to get permission to install a furniture strap, angle brace or anchor to the wall. Explain why you want to install the device and assure them that if any damage is caused by the installation, you will repair it when the tenancy ends. Make sure you get the landlord or agent’s approval in writing. More information is available on the Asking to make an alteration webpage.


Watch the safety video on YouTube for useful information about how to anchor furniture and TVs. It also includes tips on how to prevent children from opening drawers and using them to climb up furniture.

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