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Standard fact sheet.
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Electric room heaters 

Safety standards apply 

Electric room heaters sold in Australia must be manufactured to Australian Standards. NSW Fair Trading is responsible for monitoring and approving these heaters and ensuring that they are manufactured to Australian Standards. If you are intending to buy a heater, make sure that it is clearly marked with the approval number. These numbers or marks are normally found on the information sticker attached to the heater or within the information moulded into the body of the heater. Only Australian approval marks are acceptable on goods sold in Australia.

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Where an approval mark or number is not visible 

If you cannot see an approval number or mark on the heater, ask the sales person to show it to you. If they cannot show it to you, do not buy the heater. Purchase another heater, which is numbered or marked appropriately.

If you find a store selling heaters that have no approval numbers or markings, contact NSW Fair Trading. We are responsible for monitoring the safety of electrical goods sold in NSW.

IMPORTANT - Check for an acceptable electrical safety approval number on any room heater that you intend to buy to ensure it is made according to Australian Standards and approved for sale. Electric heaters without acceptable approval numbers may be unsafe. Do not buy them!

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Using a heater safely 

Apart from checking to make sure that the room heater is approved and manufactured to Australian Standards, you should also take care while using any heater in your home. The way you use your room heater is just as important as how the heater was made.

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Safety tips 

Here are some essential safety tips for room heaters:

  • Do not place the room heater too close to other furniture items in your home. The heat produced by the heater could ignite the other furniture.
  • Do not place clothing or other items too close to the room heater. Some materials burn very easily and could start a fire in your home.
  • Do not allow children or pets to play, stand or sit too close to the room heater.

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Older style room heaters 

Modern heaters are manufactured to the latest standards. They are made from modern materials and incorporate additional safety features that your older style heater may not have.

Caution: older style heaters with rusted reflectors or frames could cause hot spots and may be a source of danger.

However, your current room heater may be safe as long as it is used appropriately. Remember, keep children, pets, clothes, furnishings, curtains and bedding well away from the room heater.

IMPORTANT - Do not place the heater too close to furniture or other items. The heat could start a fire.

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