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Standard fact sheet.
Large print fact sheet.

Nightwear for children 

All children’s nightwear sold in NSW must carry labels based on the fire risks associated with the product to help parents reach the right purchasing decision. Children’s nightwear is required to meet certain requirements in AS/NZS 1249:2003.

Careful parental supervision of children is essential

Tips for parents:

  • read labels very carefully and avoid garments with WARNING: HIGH FIRE DANGER: KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE, unless you can guarantee a child will never go near fire
  • buy nightwear labelled LOW FIRE DANGER
  • avoid loose nightwear that could easily catch alight if your primary heating source is a fireplace or a radiant heater
  • choose form-fitting pyjamas with cuffs around arms and legs
  • when making your own children’s nightwear, look for safety warnings on commercial patterns and avoid using lightweight material or fabric with a pile or a nap, and
  • never let children get too close to fires or radiators.