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Conduct of services  

Consumers who are unhappy with the treatment received from a medical practitioner can direct their complaints to the Health Care Complaints Commission which investigates complaints against government and non-government:

  • health providers - doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists
  • services - ambulance, community health
  • institutions - public, private and psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes.

The Commission also gives advice on the rights of consumers and what options are available to resolve complaints or to seek redress.

For further information contact the Commission on:
Telephone: (02) 9219 7444
Toll free: 1800 043 159
TTY service for the hearing impaired (02) 9219 7555.

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Medicare Australia, which is the national health care system in Australia, provides a rebate for scheduled fees. For more information telephone (02) 6124 6333 or visit

In some instances, NSW Fair Trading can negotiate on disputed accounts and more information should be obtained by telephoning our Fair Trading Centres on 13 32 20.

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