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Funerals links and contacts 

Ageing, Disability and Home Care (Family & Community Services)
Obtain information on assistance for older people.
Tel. 9377 6000

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Tel. 1300 302 502

Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA)
Ask ADMA to help reduce direct marketing mail and phone calls directed at the deceased.
Tel. 9277 5400

Australian Funeral Directors Association
Locate a funeral director near you.
Tel. (03) 9859 9966 or 1300 888 188

Australian Organ Donor Register
Register for or against organ and tissue donation.
Tel. 1800 777 203

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Tel. 1300 131 060

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)
Obtain information on bringing a body into Australia
Tel. 6272 3933 or 1800 020 504 (within Australia)
(AQIS is part of the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.)

Australian War Graves
If the deceased was a returned service person, you can obtain information on their eligibility for an official commemorative plaque or grave.
Tel. 1800 026 185 ask for War Graves or 6289 6544

Benevolent Society
Tel: (02) 9339 8000

Births, Deaths and Marriages (NSW Registry of)
Obtain information on registration of deaths. Check to see if a will is registered.
Tel. 1300 655 236

Ask for a bereavement payment or seek assistance for dependants with no immediate financial support after the death of a loved one.
Tel. 13 23 00

Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW
Access an index of member cemeteries and crematorium and information about the funeral process, including frequently asked questions.
Tel. 9264 2000

Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW
Obtain information for pensioners of all ages, superannuants and low-income retirees.
Tel. 9281 3588 or 1800 451 488

Community Legal Centres NSW
Locate a community legal centre near you (if you cannot afford a solicitor).
Tel. 9212 7333
(Community Legal Centres are independent, non-profit organisations that provide free legal information to assist you in understanding and protecting your legal rights.)

Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (Department of)
Apply for a permit to conduct a burial at sea.
Tel. 6274 1111

Fair Trading (NSW)
For advice/assistance regarding a dispute with a funeral director or fund.
Tel. 13 32 20
To find out whether a funeral fund is registered.
Tel. 1800 502 042
Lodge a complaint

Financial Ombudsman Service
Obtain free advice and assistance in resolving complaints relating to members of the financial services industry, including those offering life insurance, superannuation and financial or investment products.
Tel. 1800 367 287

Funeral Directors’ Association of New South Wales
Locate an Australian owned and operated funeral firm near you.
Tel. 1800 613 913

Funeral Industry Special Interest Group
Locate an independent funeral director near you.
Tel. 9844 5621

Guardianship Tribunal
Seek information about decisions on guardianships.
Tel. 9556 7600 or 1800 463 928

Health (NSW Department of)
Obtain a list of medical referees who are able to sign cremation certificates and contact details of your local public health unit.
Tel. 9391 9000

Law Society of NSW
Find a lawyer with experience in probate and estate administration.
Tel. 9926 0333

LawAccess NSW
Find legal information and assistance services to help with your legal issues.
Tel. 1300 888 529

Legal Aid NSW
Obtain free legal advice and assistance (means tested).
Tel. 9219 5000

Access 24-hour telephone counselling and referrals for a wide range of issues including depression, grief and loss.
Tel. 13 11 14

National Association for Loss and Grief (NSW)
Obtain information on grief counselling services or support groups.
Tel. 02 6882 9222

National Funeral Directors’ Association (The)
Tel. 07 3801 2272

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
Apply for resolution of a dispute with a funeral director.
Tel. 1300 006 228

NSW Government ‘Life Events’ website
Obtain general information about death and bereavement.

Public Guardian (Office of the)
Obtain information on powers of attorney and guardianship.
Tel. 8688 2650 or 1800 451 510

Seniors Information Service
Obtain information on a broad range of information and services for seniors.
Tel. 13 12 44

SIDS and Kids
Access 24-hour telephone support following the sudden death of a child during pregnancy, birth or infancy.
Tel. 9818 8400 or 1800 651 186

State Coroner (NSW Office of)
Seek access to coronial information and support programs.
Tel. 8584 7777
Coroner's Court Lawlink website

Trustee and Guardian (NSW)
Obtain information about whether a will has been made with the Public Trustee, having a will made free of charge or handing over an executor role.
Tel. 1300 364 103

Trustee Corporations Association of Australia
Locate a will drawn up by a current or former trustee corporation.
Tel. 9299 3022

Veterans’ Affairs (Dept of)
Seek financial assistance for the funeral of a returned service person.
Tel. 13 32 54 or 9213 7900 or 1800 555 254

Victims Services
Obtain free counselling, support and compensation (subject to conditions) if you are an immediate family member of a homicide victim.
Tel. 8688 5511 or 1800 633 063 (Victim Support line 24-hour/7days)

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