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Smart meter providers 

From 1 July 2016, NSW Fair Trading became responsible for safety regulation of  advanced (‘smart’) electrical meters and related installation work under the Electricity Supply Amendment (Advanced meters) Act 2016 (the amending Act) to the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2004 and Regulation 2015

Metering and related metering installation work was previously the responsibility of electricity distributors.
The amending Act passed by Parliament in March 2016, supports the voluntary, market-led roll-out of advanced (‘smart’) meters in NSW. A new national metering arrangement is due to come into effect on 1 December 2017.

Further information about Smart Meters in NSW can be found on the Department of Industry Resources & Energy website.

Fair Trading requirements

Meter providers must now supply Fair Trading with a copy of their ‘safety management system’ which must show how the meter provider will comply with the Code for the safe installation of electricity meters in NSW (PDF size: 383kb).

Fair Trading may require a meter provider to make changes to the safety management system before it is accepted. Provide your safety management system to Fair Trading by emailing

The following meter providers have safety management systems accepted by Fair Trading and can operate in NSW:

  • Origin Energy Retail Limited trading as Acumen Metering
  • AUSGRID Business Services (TCA-MP)
  • Metropolis Metering Services Pty Ltd
  • Vector Advanced Metering Services
  • IntelliHUB 
  • Powermetric Metering Pty Ltd
  • Energex Limited Trading as Metering Dynamics
  • AusNet Services trading as Select Solutions
  • Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd trading as Spotless Advanced Metering

Smart meter installations

Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work 

Meter providers must supply Fair Trading with copies of the smart meter Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) on behalf of the electricians they engage to do installation work. These can be submitted to Fair Trading in batches by email to

Fair Trading now has a CCEW 'Smart' PDF form available for use by licensed electricians. For details on how the CCEW 'Smart' PDF can save you time on future electrical compliance submissions and how to use this form, go to the Electrical compliance requirements webpage.

Smart meter tool

Meter providers must advise Fair Trading about each smart meter installation in real-time, following each installation.

This information can be provided by following the prompts in the Smart meter tool and clicking submit.

For further enquiries

Telephone:02 9895 0076 (8.30am to 4.30pm, Mon-Fri)

Call or email us for any general enquireis about the new requirements for smart meter providers and the installation of smart meters.


Smart meter providers must use licensed electricians to carry out the installation of smart meters in NSW.

Meter providers and electricians must be appropriately licensed to offer or advertise to do, contract or carry out any specialised electrical work in NSW.


Fair Trading will undertake field-based inspections of installation work informed by CCEWs, intelligence or customer feedback (eg. complaints). Where necessary, Fair Trading will issue orders for rectification of defective work and arrange for a reinspection of the installation.


An audit inspection fee of $15 for each advanced meter fitted.

A reinspection fee of $75 will apply where defective work is identified.

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