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Fitness Industry Code of Practice 

The Fitness Industry Code of Practice is an industry voluntary code administered by the national fitness industry body, Fitness Australia. All members of Fitness Australia agree to adhere to the Code as a measure of their commitment to consumer protection and safety. 

The Code provides a guideline for the business conduct of fitness businesses and a guarantee to consumers of fair, safe and ethical service. The Code aims to enhance consumer confidence and improve the long term viability of signatory fitness businesses by setting standards of business practice and service delivery, promoting a drug-free fitness environment and establishing procedures for dispute resolution.

Under the Code, fitness centres that are members of Fitness Australia must:

  • Provide prospective members with sufficient information to make informed decisions about joining
  • Not use false or misleading advertising or marketing practices
  • Offer a range of membership plans with options of pre-payment or periodic billing
  • Disclose the full price of all goods and services offered including various fees
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness
  • Provide mechanically safe equipment and qualified staff to run fitness programs
  • Provide a clear procedure for resolving complaints.

Fitness businesses who are members of Fitness Australia and are unable to resolve consumers' complaints themselves should advise consumers to contact Fitness Australia in writing:

Complaints Administration Officer
Fitness Australia
PO Box 6453
South Sydney Corporate Park
Alexandria  NSW  2015
Phone: 1300 211 311

If the fitness business is not a member of Fitness Australia or the complaint remains unresolved, consumers should be advised to contact NSW Fair Trading.

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