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Service station data collection 

Service station operators across NSW are being asked to provide certain information to NSW Fair Trading as a result of the Biofuels (Return by Operators of Service Stations) Notice 2016 (the Notice) and the Fair Trading (FuelCheck) Order 2016 (the Order). Both of these instruments were published in the NSW Gazette on 6 May 2016.

The information will assist the NSW Government to deliver reforms that will improve the regulation of the biofuels mandate and encourage greater competition in the retail fuel market. This reform package was announced by the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation in December 2015 and more information is available in the Minister’s media release.

Much of the information required under the Notice and the Order is the same, so Fair Trading has streamlined this procedure for operators by creating one data collection process. Operators will be able to meet the requirements of both the Notice and the Order by submitting one set of data:

Completed spreadsheets should be emailed to 

Service stations operators are legally required to provide this information, and failure to submit a complete and accurate return by the due date of 30 June 2016 may be treated as an offence and fines of over $5,500 may be imposed on individuals and corporations.

For more information, refer to the list of Frequently asked questions below, call 13 32 20 or email your questions to 


FuelCheck is an online tool providing consumers with real-time information about fuel prices at every service station across NSW. Go to the FuelCheck page for more information.

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