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General products 

Products subject to safety laws

Fair Trading conducts unannounced visits of business premises to ensure compliance with the product safety provisions of the Australian Consumer Law. Contravention of this law can incur penalties of up to $220,000 for individuals and up to $1,100,000 for corporations.

This section contains information about some key consumer products that have recently caused harm to consumers including children and babies, or have been supplied in contravention of product safety laws and standards.

Visit for a complete listing of products subject to safety laws and to download the Product safety guide for business. This guide is written in simple-to-understand language in English, Chinese and Vietnamese. 

Baby dummies
Candle holders and decorations
Children's toys
Interior curtains, blinds and tracks
Portable swimming pools
Prams and strollers
Sunglasses and fashion spectacles
Toy like novelty lighters