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Gas appliances 

A guide for retailers and importers

In Australia, all portable gas appliances and appliances connected to LPG bottles must be certified to comply with Australian Standards.

It is illegal to sell uncertified gas appliances and to connect uncertified gas appliances to a gas network.

Before you accept delivery of, or sell any, gas appliance, ask your supplier for the approval certificate of the product. The approval certificate is important because it shows the product has been tested to mandatory Australian Standards and is approved for sale in NSW.

All gas appliances offered for sale MUST be:

  • approved by a certifier accredited by NSW Fair Trading, and
  • marked with an Australian recognised certification label – see below examples.

Gas certification mark label images 

Gas certification mark label images

IMPORTANT – Overseas approvals of gas equipment are not recognised in Australia.

Any person who offers to sell or supplies a non-compliant or unapproved gas appliance risks a maximum penalty of $11,000.00 for a corporation or $2750.00 for an individual for each offence.

Gas area heaters

Any outdoor heater with an integrated gas cylinder that has a heating source less than 1.8 metres from the ground is banned from sale in NSW.

These types of area heaters are commonly referred to as patio heaters, decorative outdoor heaters, column heaters and pyramid heaters. Their size and portability means they can easily be brought indoors, which may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, the low height of the element creates a risk of burns, especially for children, and an increased risk of clothing catching on fire. See below examples:

Images of outdoor gas heaters

REMEMBER – If any of your products are subject to a ban, you must not sell them. A ban of a product makes it unlawful for anyone to sell and supply that product.

Portable butane cookers

Portable butane ‘lunchbox’ style gas cookers, also called portable gas barbeques, were removed from sale in NSW in March 2015 after failing to meet essential safety requirements. Testing by certifying bodies found the shut-off safety valves on the products failed to operate once heat was dispersed over the butane gas cylinder. This means they can overheat and explode, causing serious injury. Some manufacturers have recalled their products.

If you are selling one of these products stop selling them immediately and return the product to the supplier as you may be entitled to a refund. For details visit

See below examples:

Images of butane gas cookers

Need more information?

For more information on gas appliances visit the Fair Trading website, call the Fair Trading Energy and Utilities Unit on 9895 0722 or email

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