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NSW Fair Trading offers a number of grants programs. The two largest programs are the Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Program and the Financial Counselling Services Program.

Applications for grants can generally be made by non-profit incorporated or registered organisations operating within New South Wales, academic institutions and in specific programs, co-operatives, registered trade unions, government agencies, councils and suitably skilled individuals.

The specific grants programs are listed as follows.

Currently open for application

There are no grants currently open for application.

Currently closed to applicants

No interest loan scheme program (NILS®) – NSW NILS® services
Seniors rights service
Financial counselling services program 
Home building advocacy service program (HoBAS)
Tenants advice and advocacy program
Aboriginal Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Program
Strata Collective Sales Advocacy Service

Want more information?

The Community and Industry Grants Branch oversees all Fair Trading grants programs, as well as providing administrative support to the Financial Counselling Trust Fund, which was established in 1992 under the Credit (Savings and Transitional) Regulation 1984. The Trust Fund is one of the funding sources for the Financial Counselling Services Grants Program.

For more information contact the Community and Industry Grants Branch at or phone 9619 8614.

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