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Property matters enewsletter 

Property matters is NSW Fair Trading's enewsletter for licensed property professionals such as real estate agents and strata managers.

It contains information on current and future developments relevant to the property industry in NSW. This includes updates on continuing professional development events, law changes impacting licence-holder responsibilities, compliance action and resources to support property professionals in delivering their services.

Property Matters

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Property matters issues 



Property matters Issue 10 Rental Bonds Online changes to residential tenancy laws 20 December 2016
Property matters Issue 9 A new era for strata professionals has started 1 December 2016
Property matters Issue 8 Real estate and property industry reforms paper released 7 November 2016
Property matters Issue 7 Learn when strata laws start plus what's happening with tenancy laws and industry training 18 July 2016
Property matters Issue 6 Strata regulations, new disclosure requirements and a forthcoming complaints register...   24 May 2016 
Property matters Issue 5   Swimming pool laws deadline and comment on disclosure of homes with loose-fill asbestos insulation 14 April 2016 
Property matters Issue 4 Support with underquoting laws, comment on home building insurance and more 12 February 2016 
Property matters Issue 3 Get ready for underquoting laws with our guidelines 18 December 2015 
Property matters Issue 2 Rental Bonds Online - register now  3 December 2015 
Property matters Issue 1 Welcome to our new look Property enews 24 November 2015