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FuelCheck is an online tool providing consumers with real-time fuel price information covering every service station across NSW.

FuelCheck enables NSW motorists to:

  • find the cheapest fuel being sold anywhere in NSW
  • get directions to any service station in NSW
  • search for fuel by type (E10, Regular, LPG, etc) or brand
  • submit a complaint to NSW Fair Trading if the price at the pump doesn’t match what is shown on FuelCheck.

In addition to being available as a website at, FuelCheck is also available as an app for both Android and iOS devices. The app version includes all of the popular website functions with multiple new features including a Favourite Station function where you can set up alerts for when your preferred fuel drops below a certain threshold at your favourite service station. The My Trip feature helps you locate the cheapest fuel along the route of your frequent or longer journeys.


Download FuelCheck for Android from the Google Play Store

Download FuelCheck for iOS from iTunes

In accordance with the NSW Government’s commitment to open data, the raw data created by FuelCheck is available for use by the community. Contact for information on the terms and conditions that apply.

For any other FuelCheck enquiry, including to report a price mismatch, please contact or call 13 32 20.