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World Consumer Rights Day 

NSW Fair Trading is celebrating World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March 2017 along with other national consumer regulators to raise awareness about consumer rights in the global marketplace. The theme this year is “Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust”.

Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust 

With the digital revolution, smart phones, social media, online shopping and downloadable digital apps consumer regulators have found it increasingly hard to keep up with the changing pace of technology. However, despite the changing landscape of the global marketplace, Australian consumer’s rights have not changed. 

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) provides rights for consumers and the law applies to traders who are operating in the Australian market regardless of where they are based either in Australia or overseas. The ACL also applies to consumer transactions regardless of whether the trader is a physical store front or digital retailer.

The ACL provides a series of legal 'consumer guarantees' for products and services supplied in the Australian marketplace that include:

  • Products are of acceptable quality and fit for purpose.
  • Match descriptions in any promotion, labelling or sales presentation.
  • Match any demonstration product.
  • Purchaser has full title and ownership.
  • Have spare parts and servicing available for a reasonable time after purchase unless told otherwise.
  • Be free of any hidden charges, debt or finance.

And services purchased are:

  • Provided with acceptable care, skill and technical knowledge.
  • Be fit for purpose and service is performed to standard intended.
  • Be delivered in a reasonable time frame.

While these rights are law in Australia the global marketplace and digital technology present a number of challenges for regulators and consumers alike so education and awareness is essential.

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Improve online shopping: take the survey 

It is sometimes too easy to become a victim of the digital age that we operate in these days, however consumers should access information about establishing good behaviours and stay informed about the issues that can adversely affect our online interactions. 

To coincide with the 2017 theme of digital trust NSW Fair Trading has launched a survey about consumers’ experience of online shopping. We want to:

  • understand people’s experience (positive and negative) of online shopping
  • understand people’s experience with Australian-based suppliers versus overseas-based suppliers
  • identify the key issues consumers encounter while shopping online
  • gauge consumers’ awareness of their rights while shopping online

Take the online shopping survey  

The survey runs until 18 April 2017.

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