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Tow trucks 

What's Happening?

In NSW, the tow truck industry is regulated through the Tow Truck Industry Act 1998 (the Act) and the Tow Truck Industry Regulation 2008.

From 1 July 2017, the administrative function of tow trucks will transfer from Roads and Maritime Services to NSW Fair Trading. Fair Trading is now responsible for the licensing and regulation of tow truck operations in NSW.

Tow Trucks in NSW

If you use a tow truck to tow a motor vehicle as part of a business, you are required to hold a tow truck operators licence under the Act.

Please also note that only certified drivers can drive or operate licensed tow trucks.

The maximum penalty is $5500 or up to six months imprisonment or both and we or the police may issue a penalty notice for $1100.

Further Information

If you have any questions about tow truck licensing or need help in understanding any of the requirements, contact Fair Trading by:

Telephone: 1300 131 134