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Tattoo parlour licence renewals now available 

Tattooists and tattoo parlour operators can now renew their licence.

From 1 July 2017, minor amendments to the licensing provisions in the Tattoo Parlour Act 2012 come into effect to allow for renewal of licences. Licence renewal applications are being kept simple with minimal declarations around the changes to be notified for tattoo operators only.

Current licence holders can now renew their existing licence prior to date of expiry. Renewal of an existing tattooist licence will have a fee of $719 and a renewal of an existing an operator licence will have a fee of $2,230.

To renew your existing licence you must hold a current licence and comply with the information requirements in the renewal application. You must also submit your application for renewal before your current licence expires.

If the licence holder’s application for renewal is granted, the licence holder will retain their existing licence number.

Further information on the changes to licence renewals is available on the Tattoo parlours page on the Fair Trading website.