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Swimming pools 

What's happening?

In NSW, swimming pools are regulated through the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and the Swimming Pools Regulation 2008.

From 1 January 2018, the administrative function of swimming pools transfers from the Office of Local Government to NSW Fair Trading. From this date, NSW Fair Trading will be responsible for the swimming pools register and the regulation of swimming pools in NSW.

Registering your pool

If you own a swimming pool in NSW you are required to register your swimming pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register. There is a penalty for owners who fail to register a swimming pool or spa pool (penalty notice amount of $220).

Selling or leasing a property with a pool or spa

If you plan to sell or rent out a property with a pool in NSW there are a number of laws that apply.

Read more on the swimming pools page or on the Office of Local Government website.

Council and private certifier inspections

Local councils and accredited certifiers registered with the Building Professionals Board may conduct swimming pool barrier inspections.

Read more on council and private certifier inspections on the Office of Local Government website.

Pool safety

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in very young children in NSW.  With over 300,000 backyard swimming pools in NSW, swimming pool safety is a serious issue that affects the whole community. The most effective home pool safety measure is proper adult supervision at all times, but a well-maintained child-resistant pool barrier is also key to preventing small children’s unsupervised access to backyard swimming pools and spa pools.

Read more on the pool safety page or on the Office of Local Government website.

Be Water Safe, Not Sorry

Find out more on the NSW Government’s latest advertising campaign to increase water safety awareness and deter risky behaviour that could lead to drowning – Be Water Safe, Not Sorry.

Further information for pool owners

For further home pool safety information, you can contact a water safety organisation such as Royal Life Saving Australiayour local council or your local pool supplies retailer.

For swimming pool register enquiries, please contact your local council.

Information for council officers and accredited certifiers

Guides to help local council officers and accredited certifiers use the NSW Swimming Pool Register are on the Office of Local Government website.

From 1 January 2018 council officers and certifiers can email for matters relating to swimming pools regulation.