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Stay safe with DIY work 

Do It Yourself (DIY) work for repairs or crafting something on a budget can result in serious injury. Pruning, cleaning out gutters or painting a ceiling may seem like simple jobs but can put you at risk. In fact, around 1,300 men are hospitalised each year across Australia from ladder injuries alone.

During September and in the lead up to Father's Day, NSW Fair Trading joins consumer protection agencies to promote the ‘Don’t be a tool’ initiative nationally. It urges consumers to take care when working around the home or under a vehicle.


  • Some jobs are best left to a qualified, licensed tradesperson. Bring them in at the start to avoid having to get them in to fix up a DIY experiment gone wrong.
  • Stay safe and always use a licensed electrician for any electrical work.
  • Gain advice from your local hardware store and reliable online sources. 'How to' videos may also help with tips on getting the job done well and safely.
  • Don’t be a jackass: never get under a vehicle only supported by a jack. People have been crushed to death when misusing jacks, support stands or ramps. There are 160 reports each year of amputation, fractures and crush injuries associated with vehicle jacks.
  • Most DIY injury reports concern men, but women who fail to take safety precautions also face serious risks. During 2011–12, 374 women were hospitalised in Australia from ladder injuries.
  • During DIY work, safety issues often arise with the user rather than the product.

Stay safe and get information on:

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