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Competitions and games of chance 

In NSW, competitions and games of chance are regulated through the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901 (the Act) and the Lotteries and Art Unions Regulation 2014 (Regulation).

On 1 January 2018, the administration of the Act and Regulation transferred from Liquor and Gaming NSW to NSW Fair Trading. NSW Fair Trading is now responsible for regulating the conduct of competitions and games of chance (including processing applications for permits) in NSW.

Competitions include common forms of community gaming, lotteries, competitions, raffles and other games of chance.

game of chance is any game, usually played for money or some other prize, where chance determines the winner – such as drawing numbers, turning cards or tossing coins.


To run a competition or game of chance, you will need a permit. Permit applications can be downloaded from the Liquor and Gaming NSW website and will be processed by NSW Fair Trading.

Read more about the requirements for competitions and requirements for games of chance.

If you have any questions about competitions or games of chance, or need help in understanding any of the requirements, contact Fair Trading by calling 13 32 20.