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NSW Fair Trading news items are listed below.


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06-06-2018New short-term holiday letting regulations
01-06-2018New ticket reselling laws start 1 June
29-05-2018Complaints Register - April data now available
02-05-2018Complaints Register - March data now available
26-04-2018Egg labelling
04-04-2018Changes to gift card expiry dates and fees
04-04-2018Complaints Register - February data now available
12-02-2018Public Inquiry under the Charitable Fundraising Act - Report released
09-02-2018Check the cladding on your apartment building is fire safe
21-12-2017Strata building bond and inspections scheme starts 1 January 2018
08-12-2017Christmas product safety survey 2017: unsafe toys list
13-11-2017Sharing Economy
01-11-2017New resources for vulnerable consumers
10-10-2017Gift cards and gift vouchers
12-09-2017Inquiry into NSW retirement villages
12-09-2017Retirement Village Calculator - understand the financial costs
12-09-2017New guidelines for the Fire Safety Practitioner Accreditation Framework
01-09-2017New laws for Retirement Villages from 1 Sept 2017
23-08-2017Rental bond data
28-07-2017Fire safety and external wall cladding
18-07-2017New standard: decorative alcohol fuelled devices
07-07-2017Non-conforming building products
01-07-2017Tattoo parlour licence renewals now available
01-07-2017Tow trucks
01-07-2017Annual fee update from 1 July
22-06-2017Have your say on Retirement Villages Regulation
21-06-2017Have your say on airbag safety
29-05-2017E10 Fuel for Thought - check your car's compatibility
19-04-2017Australian Consumer Law Review update - final report
03-04-2017Secure furniture and televisions safely
24-03-2017Guide to Standards and Tolerances now available
15-03-2017World Consumer Rights Day - improve online shopping
14-12-2016Agents and Landlords: register for Rental Bonds Online by 30 Jan 17
01-11-2016Music festivals
21-09-2016Strengthening building certification in NSW
13-09-2016Ladder safety matters
02-09-2016New laws for incorporated associations
24-08-2016FuelCheck - find the cheapest fuel near you
15-08-2016Strata regulation released - laws start on 30 Nov
12-08-2016Real estate reforms starting 15 August
05-08-2016Peer-to-peer economy research final report
06-07-2016Tenancy law review report released
01-07-2016Annual fee change from 1 July
17-06-2016Property industry training review report
14-06-2016Heat pack safety standard
09-06-2016Retirement village costs comparison tool project
07-06-2016NSW Fair Trading public register data
25-05-2016Enforcement action report Jan-March 2016 available
23-05-2016Beware of property spruikers
11-05-2016Service station data collection
02-05-2016Comment on strata regulations by 27 May
29-04-2016New rules for pools have started
28-04-2016ACL guides for businesses
14-04-2016Thousands of unapproved USB phone chargers seized
01-04-2016National information standard for egg labelling
13-03-2016Complaints Register Guidelines launched
01-03-2016Registration of NSW valuers ends 1 March
06-01-2016Receivership of Dick Smith Holdings Ltd
20-12-2015Reforms to ethanol mandate
18-12-2015Underquoting laws started 1 January
10-12-2015Switch on to toy safety at Christmas
01-12-2015Rental Bonds Online
25-11-2015Report on the Associations Incorporation Act review
19-11-2015Buying property off the plan
13-11-2015Trampoline safety - jump on it!
03-11-2015NSW Incorporated Associations Register
29-10-2015Residential tenancy laws review
15-10-2015Reform of strata laws
01-10-2015Consumer Complaints Register Discussion Paper
05-09-2015Underquoting reforms
10-08-2015Infinity electrical cable safety recall
26-07-2015Avoid a funeral RIP off video
23-07-2015Government recall Samsung washing machines
01-07-2015Charitable fundraising
01-07-2015Building Professionals Board
30-06-2015Access the new Senior's guide
22-06-2015National information standard for egg labelling
08-05-2015Underquoting guide for property agents
22-12-2014NSW Government response to smash repairs inquiry
12-12-2014Major changes to home building laws
12-12-2014Major changes to motor industry laws
23-10-2014Fair Trading Week: 27-31 Oct
01-09-2014Scam disruption project
31-07-2014Free tenancy complaint service
30-04-2014Our year in review 2012-2013
03-04-2014Deck and balcony safety
03-03-2014National law for co-operatives

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