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Corporate Plan 

NSW Fair Trading, like most NSW public sector agencies, is facing significant change over the next few years.  In order to plan our approach to service delivery in this changing environment, a number of strategies were identified to be implemented as part of a strategic planning program to be undertaken by Fair Trading over the 2015-2018 period.

Following extensive consultation and feedback, a new Corporate Plan has been published which sets the direction for achieving our objectives over the next few years.

Download or view the NSW Fair Trading Corporate Plan (in PDF format size: 292kb)

A feature of the new Corporate Plan is its facilitation of industry sector plans for the key business areas we regulate such as Real Estate & Property, Building & Construction, Motor Vehicles, Product Safety and Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Download or view the following Market Sector Plans which have been developed to outline our approach, our priorities and strategies for each major market:

Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can access PDF versions of our information.