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Short-term holiday letting in NSW 

What is this about?  

The NSW Government has released an Options Paper on short-term holiday letting in NSW (the Options Paper).

The emergence of innovative online booking services and the development of the sharing economy has seen short-term holiday letting expand significantly in NSW. Short-term holiday letting has been carried out in NSW for many years and can provide significant economic benefits to local economies and the wider state tourism economy. This has led to the need to reconsider the role of regulation in enabling short-term holiday letting to continue to take place, without unduly impacting on local communities and the safety of visitors.

The Options Paper explores approaches to implement a whole of Government regulatory framework for short-term holiday letting that addresses land use and planning issues and strata scheme management issues, including the amenity and safety of existing residents.

Community and industry feedback on options is sought to help identify appropriate ways for the Government to respond to short term holiday letting.

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What’s happened so far?  

In October 2016, the NSW Parliament Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning made several recommendations to the Government following its public inquiry on the Adequacy of Regulation of Short Term Holiday Letting.

The Committee’s report was released in October 2016 and made 12 recommendations, mostly relating to planning and strata laws, which are in Appendix 2 of the Options Paper.

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Have your say  

The Options Paper has been released for comment, and is available from Planning NSW.

Please provide your comments by 31 October 2017. You may wish to use the submission form in Appendix 1 of the Options Paper.

Submissions can be emailed to, or posted to:

Director, Housing Policy
Department of Planning and Environment
GPO Box 39
Sydney NSW 2001

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Next steps 

The NSW Government will consider all submissions and decide what regulatory approach (if any) it will pursue for short-term holiday letting.

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