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Call for submissions on building products used as cladding 

What is this about?

Fair Trading called for public submissions on whether a potential ban is warranted for some uses of aluminium composite panels, polystyrene products or similar substances.

In particular, whether a ban is warranted for the use of these products in any external cladding, external wall, external insulation, façade or rendered finish on a building of 2 or more storeys and, if so, the terms of such a ban.

Submissions were invited as to whether a building product use ban should:

  1. apply to all uses of aluminium composite panels containing a polyethylene core, and/or polystyrene products, and/or other similar substances in a building or only to specific uses (and, if so, what uses)
  2. apply to all buildings or only to specified classes of buildings (and, if so, what classes)
  3. apply to use by all people or permit use by specified persons or classes of persons (and, if so, what persons or classes)
  4. apply subject to specified exceptions (and, if so, what exceptions — for example, an exception that permits use of the building product only after a specified test or tests have been conducted and a test report or reports provided to me)
  5. be subject to conditions (and, if so, what conditions).

View the Notice under section 13 of the Building Products(safety) Act 2017 in PDF format (size: 547kb).

What has happened so far?

In December 2017, new laws commenced in NSW to prevent the use of unsafe building products in building and construction.

The Building Products (Safety) Act 2017 gives the NSW Government powers to prohibit the use of a building product by imposing a ban on any or all of a product’s uses.

Read more on Building products safety laws.

Have your say

Submissions closed on 23 April 2018.

Next steps

The Commissioner for Fair Trading will consider all submissions and determine whether a ban is warranted.

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