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Summary of compliance and enforcement results 

NSW Fair Trading releases an annual Fair Trading - A year in review which includes details of the compliance and enforcement activity for the year. 
Fair Trading - A year in review 2014-15 (PDF size: 566kb)

Enforcement action reports are also released quarterly. The enforcement action report released by NSW Fair Trading includes public information available through the courts as well as information on public registers administered by NSW Fair Trading. The enforcement actions listed may include:

  • convictions resulting from prosecution in a court
  • statistical information on penalty notices issued by NSW Fair Trading
  • disciplinary determinations – including results of proceedings in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal
  • injunctions resulting from civil proceedings in the Supreme Court.

A list of enforcement action reports available for download are provided below in PDF format.

Enforcement actions - July - Sept 2017 (PDF 97kb)
Enforcement actions - April - June 2017 (PDF 106kb)
Enforcement actions - January - March 2017 (PDF 110kb)
Enforcement actions - October - December 2016 (PDF 103kb)
Enforcement actions - July - September 2016 (PDF size:123kb)
Enforcement actions - April - June 2016 (PDF size: 247kb)
Enforcement actions - January - March 2016 (PDF size: 110kb)
Enforcement actions - October - December 2015 (PDF size: 103kb)

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