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2013-2014 summary 

Fair Trading - A year in review

As a service provider and regulator NSW Fair Trading is dedicated to delivering better services to clients, customers and the community. This summary outlines the scope of services provided to the people of NSW during 2013-2014.

Policy development and regulatory review

In regard to policy development and regulatory review, the figures were as follows:



Acts administered 42
Bills assented to in Parliament in 2013-2014 4
Acts repealed in 2013-2014 2

Services provided to the public in 2013-2014

In regard to services provided to the public, the figures were as follows:



Requests for service* 6,755,252
Website visitor sessions 4,153,349
Mobile website visitor sessions 261,751
Phone enquiries from general public 910,392
Rental bond transactions 546,651
Counter enquiries 22,014
Consumer and trader complaints about marketplace transactions 45,108
Public seminars and information sessions 1,268
Seminar audiences 39,181

* Includes all requests for information, services and transactions.

Information on registers as at 30 June 2014

In regard to information on registers, the figures were as follows:



Total occupational licences 387,450
Registry Services records on registers 39,337
Electrical safety certifications - declared articles 5,197

Compliance and enforcement actions in 2013-2014

In regard to compliance and enforcement services, the figures were as follows:



Inspections 12,033
Plumbing Inspection and Assurance Service (PIAS) inspections 63,348
Investigations* 1,302
Certifications - Declared Articles 1,844
Penalty notices issued 1,091
Prosecutions 410
Civil proceedings 62
Total Compliance related activities 80,090

* An improved data collection methodology was implemented in January 2014 which may result in variances from previous years data.


In regard to the agency, the figures were as follows:



Staff 779
Budget $154.3 million
Fair Trading Centres throughout NSW* 19

* Selected Fair Trading services are also provided through Service NSW.

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