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2009-2010 summary 

Fair Trading - A year in review

As a service provider and regulator NSW Fair Trading is dedicated to delivering better services to clients, customers and the community. This summary outlines the scope of services provided to the people of NSW during 2009-2010.

Compliance in 2009-2010

In regard to compliance services, the figures were as follows:



Inspections 15,435
Investigations 1,969
Certifications 3,767
Civil proceedings 68
Prosecutions 428
Penalty notices issued 943
Total Compliance related activities* 22,610

* Compliance related activities can vary significantly year-to-year depending on the mix between long, complex investigations and shorter, less complex ones which reflect changing marketplace issues.

Services provided to the public in 2009-2010

In regard to services provided to the public, the figures were as follows:



Total requests for service*  7,627,226
Website visitor sessions 3,458,447
REVS checks 1,840,348
Phone enquiries from general public 1,193,857
Counter enquiries 219,060
Rental bond transactions 530,523
Consumer complaints about marketplace transactions 40,188 to the  value of $858 million
Public seminars and information sessions 841
Seminar audiences 42,786

* Includes all requests for information, services and transactions.

Information on registers as at 30 June 2010

In regard to information on registers, the figures were as follows:



Occupational licences on register 361,980
Business names on register 499,242
Associations on register 34,273
Co-operatives on register 680

Policy development and regulatory review

In regard to policy development and regulatory review, the figures were as follows:



Legislation administered 42 Acts
Bills assented to in Parliament in 2009-2010 3
Acts and regulations amended in 2009-2010 18


In regard to the agency, the figures were as follows:



Staff 956
Budget 2009-2010 $173 million
Fair Trading Centres throughout NSW 24
Other service outlets* 69

* Selected services are also provided through Government Access Centres and other agency arrangements in rural and isolated areas throughout NSW.

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