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Changes to customer transactions 

Rental bond transactions from 1 January 2016

To make customer payments faster, from 1 January 2016, Fair Trading will no longer accept faxes and all rental bond refunds will be made by electronic transfer to a nominated bank account.
If you are not using Rental Bonds Online, avoid any delay in payment by making sure the required bank account details have been included on the Claim for Refund of Bond Money form (available from the Fair Trading website).

Rental Bond forms and all other correspondence relating to your bond can be emailed to or posted to Rental Bonds, Locked Bag 9000, Grafton NSW 2460.

For more details, refer to our Questions & answers – rental bonds information below.

Questions & answers - rental bonds

How will the ‘no-cheques’ payment system affect my claim for a rental bond?

Tenants should make sure that any ‘Claim for refund of bond money’ form they submit or that their agent/private landlord submits on their behalf includes their bank account details. This is the bank account you would like any bond money owing to you to be paid into. If your bank account details are not included, there will be delays in processing the refund.

Can I still fax my ‘Claim for Refund of Bond Money’ to Fair Trading?

From the 1 January 2016, Fair Trading will no longer accept faxes or issue cheques. This will include ‘Claim for refund of Bond Money’ forms sent via fax. Rental Bond forms and all other correspondence relating to your bond can be emailed or posted to Fair Trading.

As a tenant can I provide my bank details directly to Fair Trading?

Tenants not comfortable providing their bank account details to their managing agent will have the option to provide those details directly to Fair Trading by contacting us on 13 32 20. Alternatively the tenant can choose to submit the ‘Claim for refund of bond money’ form to Fair Trading.

As a managing agent or private landlord, how will this affect my day to day management of rental bonds?

Using Rental Bonds Online is a quicker process, eliminating the need for paper forms. For agents, it prevents having to include agency details (such as bank and contact details) multiple times on different bond forms as these details are already captured within Rental Bonds Online. Managing agents and private landlords should make sure that the tenant’s and/or agency bank account details are included on the ‘Claim for refund of bond money’ form. This ensures that there is no delay in the processing of the refund.

How will I know whether I have received my bond payment?

Refunds of rental bond money paid directly into your account can be easily identified. Your bank statement will show a payment from the ‘Rental Bond Board’ and will specify the amount paid and the bond lodgement number.

What if no contact details are provided?

If no contact details are available then the payment will be withheld until the agent/tenant/landlord makes contact with Fair Trading.

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