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About us 

NSW Fair Trading safeguards the rights of all consumers and advises business and traders on fair and ethical practice.

We provide services directly to individuals and businesses to create a fair, safe and equitable marketplace. The laws we administer set the rules for fairness in the countless daily transactions between consumers and traders. We investigate unfair practices and ensure that the products sold in NSW are safe and meet their regulations and safety standards. We register co-operatives and associations, and issue occupational licences so consumers can trust the people they are dealing with.

Supporting local communities

Image from Making a Difference video

Fair Trading is an agency that supports local communities. Our staff go to the community to deliver services – we don’t wait for customers to come to us.

We work with local communities to raise awareness of fair trading issues, and to provide a helping hand when you encounter difficulties in the marketplace.

We offer a wide range of services to protect the community and businesses of NSW.

To see how else Fair Trading is working with local communities, watch the video below.

Video available View the Supporting local communities video

View four Supporting local communities videos showing how our staff from different areas of Fair Trading support consumers and traders across the State.

More information about Fair Trading

Our services - More information about our services and how we deal with our customers.
Our compliance role - More information about our compliance role.
How Fair Trading works - Information about how Fair Trading is organised.

Business ethics

NSW Fair Trading, as part of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is committed to promoting integrity, ethical conduct and accountability in all areas of public administration. The Office's Business ethics statement gives guidance to our commercial partners and suppliers on expected standards of ethical behaviour.

Find out more about business ethics on the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation website.

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